Cold Sores Home Remedies- 5 Helpful Tips To Cure Cold Sores Naturally

There are numerous popular home remedies for cold sores, and also the stuff that work with only one person may not use another. Cold sore and fever blister treatment solutions are a really subjective topic. Some might recommend freshly squeezed lemon juice, toothpaste, or tannic acid while others by Nyquil liquid! You might want to try out several natural remedies to discover a system that works. Keep in mind that cold sores range from herpes simplex virus without any home remedy can get eliminate herpes completely. However, there are numerous means of speeding healing some time to decreasing the volume of outbreaks.

Here are a few tried and true ways to treat cold sores at home:

Application of Dry Ice – One of the most popular natural cold sore remedies. As soon as you first feel symptoms like a tingling or itching around your lips, break out a few ice cubes. Make sure cure cold sores naturallyyou don’t place the ice directly on your skin. Wrap a few ice cubes inside a towel or inside a sandwich baggy. Place it against the area in which you first feel the cold sore starting to form and hold it for at least 15 minutes on and off. The ice not only can reduce the days to heal while you have the sore-it can also make the pain less noticeable.

Application of  Cider Vinegar – What home remedy list would be complete without apple cider vinegar? It makes all the rounds for all the remedies and everyone has a bottle in cure cold sorestheir cupboard. Vinegar is very acidic and on the face and lips and it can sting but it has been recognized for years as one of the best treatment for cold sores. Just put a bit on a q-tip or paper towel and hold against the area daily for as long as you can stand the smell.

Application of Garlic – Garlic has demonstrated anti-virus properties and is believed to help booster the immune system. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant. Cut a clove of garlic cold sore treatmentand rub it on the cold sore. Reapply every 10-15 minutes for an hour. If left on the skin for too long some have been known to have an allergic reaction, however. Garlic tablet can also be taken orally to improve overall health. Follow the recommended dosage.

Application of Tea Tree Oil- It is a natural antiseptic and high in nutrients. It originates from a distillation of the leaves of the tea tree species which is found in Australia. cold sores remedyYou can buy tea tree oil at local health food stores like Whole Foods or a drugstore. Use a Q-tip to swab the oil on the blister 3-4 times daily.

Application Aloe Vera – Another one that always seems to make all the home remedy lists. The gel is widely used in various skin conditions as it adds a layer over wounds that canpossibly reduce the chance of infections. Take a leaf off an aloe vera plant, remove the

cold sores home remedyskin and extract the juice or gel. Gently apply it on the blister 2-3 times throughout the day. It has been shown to be most effective if used in the early stages of cold sore treatment. Aloe vera gel can also be purchased at health food stores and is one of the best natural remedies to help relieve the pain and heal the skin around your lip.

These are the most commonly cold sores remedies used and which much more effective than  medicines available. For more information to cure cold sores naturally click here

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